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Depend on ADP for features that

make a difference!


Our exclusive Universal Frame design allows our AC, AO & AM diffusers to be installed in

Standard T-Bar ceilings as well as Narrow-Tee (Donn Fineline) grids. Our complimenting EC3

and FBH3 lay-in returns feature this same exclusive design.

No premium or wait for special frames

No need to double stock

No jobsite sorting or installation errors

One ingenious design fits all


Our commercial registers are the best value in the business. Priced competitively with steel

equivalents, our aluminum grilles feature heavy extruded aluminum construction with a durable

powder coated finish, and our DDVA registers are securely attached to a sturdy steel damper

with a flat-black powder coated finish.

No rust on the room side

No reflection from the duct side

No complaints from the end user

Free Blade Adjustment Tool with every order

speeds field installation and adjustment


ADP introduced the extremely popular MAC Series modular core diffuser over five decades

ago, and we continually refine and improve our invention. Our perforated version of this

diffuser, the APM3, is the only diffuser of its type available with an integral round collar at

no increase in price over the square neck version.

Low profile design conserves ceiling space

No need for separate and expensive round adapters

Integral round neck saves up to $50 per diffuser in

purchasing, handling and installation costs


Ours have features you rarely see. With interiors painted flat-black, full 2-1/2" beaded

collars, and heavy 24 gauge construction, installers love our cans.

No reflection back through the grille or diffuser

No need to paint at jobsite

Faster and more secure flex duct attachment

No sharp edges, no gloves required

Less damage in shipment and handling


Compare our standard OBDB damper to the light-weight galvanized dampers used by the

competition. There is no comparison. With flat-black powder coated standard finish, heavy

duty construction, smooth non-binding linkage, sturdy manganese plated Z-clips, and a ten

year free replacement guarantee, there is no better OBD in the business


No shiny metal reflections

No field painting needed

Won’t rack, rattle or bind

Heavier gauges and painted edges reduce field cuts and injuries

Ten year free replacement guarantee

Universal Lay-in Frames

Aluminum registers

with black OBDs

Integral round necks

Adapters with black interiors

OBDBs guaranteed for ten years

Blade Adjustment Tool