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EVC/EVCB Controller/Actuator


• Functions as a stand-alone VAV terminal

• Pressure independent digital controller/actuator

• Field-selectable parameters allow entry and updating of setpoint and control

parameters via the room sensor

• Integral shaft-mount of the one-piece VAV Actuator further reduces installation

and set up time

• Advanced PID control minimizes offset and maintains tighter setpoint control

• Return to service from power failure without operator intervention

• Also BACnet


BTL approved (Model EVCB)

TRL25 Stat


• Large LCD with backlight

• Icon driven menus

• 1 line text

• 4 push buttons

How It Works:

The EVC/EVCB DDC controller can be used as a stand-alone control

or part of a BACnet


building automation system. Applications include:

• VAV/CV cooling only (application 07)

• VAV/CV with hot water reheat (application 06)

• VAV cooling/heating auto changeover (application 08)

Controller can be set in the field using the wall sensor menus. Tag, box size, maximum cfm, minimum

cfm, and application number must be supplied with order if programming is desired.



Ph 800.322.8676

Fx 800.604.3324

Direct Digital VAV Controls & Accessories