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Fx 800.604.3324

ADP/Broan Series ventilators are designed for commercial

applications requiring quiet, continuous, reliable operation.

Exhausters are constructed with a low profile grille and are

easy to duct horizontally, vertically, or inline, with many

models offering round duct connectors as standard.


• Bath Fans – 47 and 87 CFM

• Commercial Exhausters – 100-3500 CFM



• Conceals interior

• Low profile styling blends with any decor

Commercial Ventilators

General Features:

• Low RPM motors mounted on resilient mounts

for quiet, vibration-free operation

• Permanently lubricated motors designed for

continuous operation

• Acoustic insulation inside rugged, heavy gauge

galvanized steel housing

• Balanced blower wheels for extremely low sound levels

• Attractive, low profile grilles

• May be ducted horizontally, vertically or as an inline blower

• Quiet built-in backdraft dampers, except for models

A/L2000L and A/L3500EXL

• Plug-in motor rated at 120V AC, 60 Hz, single phase,

ODP. A/L3500EXL motor is rated at 240V.


• Low RPM for quiet operation

• Resilient anti-vibration mounts

• Designed for continuous operation

• Dynamically-balanced, polymeric centrifugal blower

wheel for quiet, efficient performance (A/L2000L and

A/L3500EXL furnished with metal wheel)

• Permanently lubricated, thermally protected motor

Model A050/670

Model A080/684

Models A/L400-A/L700

Standard unit comes

with metal grille.

Models A/L2000L & A/L3500EXL

Optional metal grille and

optional dampers shown.

Models A/L900 & A/L1500

Standard unit comes

with metal grille.

Models A/L100-A/L300

Shown with standard

plastic grille.

All models

except T050

Ceiling & Cabinet Ventilators